Our Scope

The study of Chemical Engineering encompasses the following options, namely; Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Chemical Kinetics, Separation Processes, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Process Design, Biochemical Engineering and Chemical Process Control. Chemical Engineering combines all these options to produce broadly trained graduates that are professionally competent to cope with the challenges of Chemical Engineering in both the public and private sectors.

In pursuance of the above, specific features have been incorporated into the programme. These include:

·         Common foundation year at 100 and 200 levels for all Engineering students;

·         Workshop practice, laboratory work, tutorials, seminars on specific topics;

·         Broad-based interaction between students and professionals;

·         Adequate knowledge in the areas of Engineering Management, Economics, and Law;

·         Design projects with a bias towards local applications;

·         Students SIWES experience at the 400 level of study where they undergo continuous supervised 6 months industrial Training under the national SIWES and satisfactory performance during the training is a requirement for graduation; and Lastly

·         Final year projects in which students work alone under supervision in specific options of Chemical Engineering.

The academic programme has been planned to offer challenges and to encourage the development of ingenuity and originality in the student.