• Our Philosophy

    We are placing graduate on the leading edge of technology.


Welcome Remark

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Landmark University. The Department is situated in the first College building, it was established in 2011. It has 5 years of Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.), 2 years of Masters’ of Engineering (M.Eng.), and 3 years Ph.D. programme. All programmes are fully accredited and enriched with sturdy course outlines, efficiently, and systematically packaged to prepare our students for the successful practice of the profession anywhere they find themselves in the world. 

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About the Department

The Chemical Engineering Department is a community of scholars comprised of Faculty, Staff, graduate and undergraduate students. Furthermore; with engineering practices and science principles, the Department offers a demanding curriculum that allows students to solve real energy, biochemical, nanotechnology, and sustainability problems. Our Department is committed to driving education and research excellence through individual and collective obligation to uphold a higher standard.

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Nigeria is becoming an industrialized nation. Many industries will be oil- and gas-based in the nearest future. The chemical industry is still at infancy in Nigeria, especially in the area of local content. Internationally, there is a projection of the dearth of qualified Chemical Engineers in the next decade.

We hope to train qualified Engineers that can operate industries in Nigeria and fill the international vacuum.

Placing graduate on the leading edge of technology.

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Career Opportunities

Chemical Engineers are employed in a wide variety of industries: Petroleum and Gas, Chemicals, Minerals and Metals, Glass and Ceramics, Plastics and Resins, Soap and Detergents, Cosmetics, Rubber and Tyre, Food Production, Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemicals, Nuclear Energy, Photographic Products, Microchip Manufacturing, Synthetic Fibres and Textiles, Paint, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Process Equipment Manufacture, and Research and Development.

Major areas of interest in Chemical Engineering

  • Agro-chemicals and Agro-based industries
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Chemical Process Engineering and Plant Design
  • Energy Conversion Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Materials (Corrosion & Degradation)
  • Petrochemical Engineering
  • Polymers and Composite Materials
  • Process Control Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Development

Toxicity potential of particulate in the airshed of a university farm

Fakinle, B. S and Adebayo, B. M. and Aremu, C. O. and Sonibare, J. A

Bioremediation of artificially contaminated soil with petroleum using animal waste: cow and poultry dung

Olawale, O. and Obayomi, K. S. and Dahunsi, S. O. and Folarin, O.

Emission characterization and performance of conventional liquefied petroleum gas cookstove burners

Fakinle, B. S and Oke, O.D and Odunlami, O.A and Sonibare, J. A and Akeredolu, F. A and Oni, S. O.