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Engr. TAIWO, Abiola Ezekiel

Lecturer II

Landmark University

Abiola Ezekiel TAIWO holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He was a recipient of the National Research Foundation and the World Academy of Science (NRF-TWAS) African Renaissance Doctoral Fellowship for his doctoraldegree at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa. TAIWO has received aninvitation to participate at both national and international conferences. He is a registered member of the professional body in Engineering; South African Institute of Chemical Engineer (SAIChE), Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE, London), Council for the regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). Taiwo was awarded the prize for best case study in the field of Green and Sustainable Chemistry in the framework of the year 2017 Elsevier Foundation – TWAS Sustainability Case Studies Competition. He presented his award at the first TWAS Young Affiliate Network (TYAN) flagged off in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Taiwo has publications in both national and international journal archive.

Areas of Specialization: My research interest spurs around bioprocessing engineering, renewable energy, high-pressure technology, process optimization and technoeconomic feasibility studies.

List of Publications:                                                   

  1. Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Tafirenyika N Madzimbamuto and Tunde Victor Ojumu (2019). Statistical Optimization of Acetoin production Using Corn Steep Liquor as a Low-Cost Nitrogen Source by Bacillus Subtillis CICC 10025. Chapter7 In: Renewable resources and biorefineries book, InTech Open DOI:10.5772/Intechopen.75236.
  2. Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Tafirenyika N Madzimbamuto and Tunde Victor Ojumu (2018) Optimization of Corn Steep Liquor Dosage and Other Fermentation Parameters for Ethanol Production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Type 1 and Anchor Instant Yeast. Energies.
  3. Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Tafirenyika N Madzimbamuto and Tunde Victor Ojumu (2018)Corn Steep liquor a cheap Nitrogen Source for ethanol and acetoin production. Conference Paper-U6 pg60-61.
  4. Idris Mustafa Oloko-Oba, Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Sheriff Olalekan Ajala Bamidele Ogbe Solomon and Eriola Betiku(2018).Performance evaluation of three different-shaped bio-digesters for biogas production and optimization by artificial neural network integrated with genetic algorithm. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 26:116-124.
  5. Betiku, Eriola and Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo. (2015) Modeling and optimization of bioethanol production from breadfruit starch hydrolyzate vis-à-vis response surface methodology and artificial neural network. Renewable Energy, 74:87-94.
  6. Eriola Betiku., Oluwasesan  R Omilakin,; Sheriff  O Ajala,; Adebisi  A Okeleye,; Abiola  Ezekiel Taiwo,; Bamidele  O Solomon (2014) “Mathematical modeling and process parameters optimization studies by artificial neural network and response surface methodology: A case of non-edible neem (Azadirachta indica) seed oil biodiesel synthesis, Energy, 72:266-273.
  7. Betiku, E., Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Ayodele, O.A., Fatuntele L.T., Adetayo, C.A. and Solomon, B.O (2014) “Artificial neural network and response surface methodology applications to modelling and optimization of oxalic acid bioproduction from sweet potato starch hydrolyzate” Journal of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, 29(1):15-29.
  8. Oyeniran, O.O., Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Betiku, E. (2013). A modeling study by response surface methodology on the culture parameters optimization of citric acid bioproduction from sweet potato peel. Ife Journal of Technology, 22(1):21-25.
  9. Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Tafirenyika N Madzimbamuto and Tunde Victor Ojumu. Development of an integrated process for production and recovery of some selected bioproducts from lignocellulosic materials (2020). In Valorization of biomass to value added commodities: current trend, challenges and future outlook. Ed. MO Daramola and OA Ayeni, Springer Nature.
  10. B. Oladipo, T. H. Ibrahim, S. O. Ajala, A. M. Akintunde, Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, E. Betiku. Synthesis of Activated Carbon (AC) for Heavy Metals Removal: An Overview. In Water pollution and remediation technology: Adsorption Techniques, Springer, In press.