Chemical Engineering Department, Landmark University

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Dr. Olayomi Abiodun FALOWO

Lecturer II

Landmark University

Dr. Falowo Olayomi Abiodun is a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Landmark University. He obtained his M.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Late Professor S. K. Layokun. Falowo received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University under the tutelage of Prof. E. Betiku in 2018.  Before his appointment, he worked as a research associate in Biochemical Engineering Laboratory, O.A.U. Ile-Ife.  In addition to being co-researcher on numerous major research initiatives over the years, he had contributed to two books’ chapters. His current research focuses on the development of safe and sustainable nanomaterials capable of improving chemical processes in heterogeneous catalysis, renewable energy, and nanotechnology. New products are an integral part of chemical manufacturing, and synthesis through the application of waste biomass is expected to shift production towards a cost-effective approach and safe environment. Hence, also his interest in designing processes capable of enhancing manufacturing optimally and production ofvalue-added industrial chemicals.

Area of Specialization: Renewable energy, biochemical engineering, heterogeneous catalysis.

List of Publications:

  • Falowo, O. A., Omoniyi, P.,Ojumu, T. and Betiku E. (2020).Sustainable biodiesel synthesis from honne-rubber-neem oil blend with a novel mesoporous base catalyst synthesized from a mixture of three agrowastes. Catalysts,10, 190; doi:10.3390/catal10020190
  • Jisieke, C., Falowo, O.A., Ibrahim, T.H. Ishola, N.B, and Betiku. E. (2020). Biowastes as sustainable and renewable feedstock for catalyst and biodiesel synthesis: A Comprehensive review. Energy conversion and management.
  • Oraegbunam, J. C., Oladipo, B., Falowo O. A. and E. Betiku (2020).  Clean Sandbox (Hura crepitans) Oil Methyl Esters Synthesis: A Kinetic and Thermodynamics Study through pH monitoring approach. RenewableEnergy.
  • Falowo O. A, Oloko-Oba, M. I. and Betiku, E. (2019). Biodiesel production intensification via microwave irradiation-assisted transesterification of oil blend using nanoparticles from elephant-ear tree pod husk as a base heterogenous catalyst. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 140, 157-170.
  • Oladipo, B., Falowo O.A., Solomon, B. O. and Betiku, E. (2018). Microwave-Assisted Methanolysis of Palm Kernel Oil: A Parametric optimization by Taguchi Orthogonal Array. Research gate (open access journal).
  • Microwave-Assisted Methanolysis of Palm Kernel Oil: A Parametric optimization by Taguchi Orthogonal Array, IN: A. O. F. Williams, A. O. Ogunbayo and O. Abass (Eds) Developments in Biotechnology, systems, control and education (2018), pp 78-98, University of Lagos Press, Lagos.
  • Phytoextraction of heavy Metals from complex Industrial waste disposal sites, IN: Inamuddin, M. I. Ahmed and E. Lichtfouse (Eds) Remediation of Heavy Metals (2020) Springer, U.K.